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Ben Slavic

Ben Slavic is a phenomenal educator and a powerful force for change in language instruction.  He has been teaching students and teachers for 38 years.  Discovering the Comprehensible Input theories of Stephen Krashen and the practices of TPRS transformed his French teaching career.  Ben has dedicated himself to helping other educators transform their teaching lives as well, through in-person training and coaching, his online PLC for language teachers, and through his books, most recently The Big CI Book and A Natural Approach to Stories.  Ben has a deep well of knowledge, experience, and evidence in teaching languages with comprehensible input.  He also has a passion for supporting equity and success for ALL students.

Tina Hargaden

Tina Hargaden is a middle-school Spanish and French teacher in Portland Public Schools.  She has taught in the K-12 and university setting for 15 years, including nine years as a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.  She has pursued extensive training in literacy education through Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and extensive training in teaching languages using Comprehensible Input.  Tina is on a mission to spread the literacy education mojo throughout the Northwest!  She founded Literacy Education Services in 2012 to do just that.

Ci Liftoff

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