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Tina Hargaden

Tina Hargaden just transitioned to high school English Language Development, teaching Emerging Bilingual Students at Madison High School, in Portland Public Schools in Oregon.  She has taught in the K-12 and university setting for 16 years as a French, Spanish, Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies teacher.  She has pursued extensive training in literacy education through Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and extensive training in teaching languages using Comprehensible Input.  Tina is on a mission to spread the literacy education mojo throughout the land!  She founded Literacy Education Services in 2012 to do just that.  CI Liftoff is the language acquisition-focused branch of that enterprise.

Diane Neubauer

Diane Neubauer, 杜雁子, taught Mandarin Chinese at elementary through high school levels for ten years. Making Chinese language and literacy more enjoyable and accessible to all learners is a strong goal in her instruction. Language teacher development and coaching are other strong interests. In 2017, she started a PhD program at the University of Iowa (Foreign Language and ESL Education) to get to delve into those topics more deeply. Diane aims to work in language teacher education and research in K-12 world language classrooms, keeping an eye on Second Language Acquisition and Chinese language specifics. She blogs and shares videos related to teaching and learning Chinese. Find her on Twitter @DuYanzi.

Mike Peto

Mike Peto was Department Chair of World Languages at Temescal Canyon High School in Lake Elsinore, CA until June 2017. He has been a Spanish teacher since 2000 and ran the heritage speakers program at his high school since 2007. He is a dedicated CI teacher (that is, a teacher who designs classroom instruction following the research of linguist Stephen Krashen) and writes about his teaching on the education blog My Generation of Polyglots. He presents frequently at regional and national conferences, including NTPRS and ACTFL (2018). Among his publications is an essay in the seminal guide to the TPRS method, Fluency through TPR Storytelling (Ray & Seely, 7th edition, 2016) and an essay in A Natural Approach to the Year(Hargaden & Slavic, 2018). He has also published his own succinct guide to teaching, My Perfect Year, as well as several limited vocabulary novels for language learners of Spanish, French and Portuguese. If you meet him in person, ask him about Japanese, the latest of five languages he has been acquiring.Justin

Justin Slocum-Bailey

Justin Slocum-Bailey loves languages and people. He helps people have joy and success in learning and teaching languages. The painful absence of joy and success from most language learning attempts is a big part of what motivates Justin as a teacher and trainer.  Justin is a lifelong language learner.  Some of his earliest memories from growing up in Vienna, Austria, include deciphering the Cyrillic alphabet to study Bulgarian maps, learning the Yugoslavian word for peanut butter, and making friends in pickup soccer games where every one of the players had a different first language.  These days, a lot of Justin's work involves mentoring and training teachers and consulting for schools, districts, publishers, software developers, travel companies, and non-profit organizations. After ten good years in Los Angeles, Justin now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Jason Bond

Jason originally hails from Kennebunkport, Maine. He discovered a love of languages while studying medieval Gaelic prose and poetry at university in Nova Scotia, Canada. This new love eventually led to five years teaching Scottish Gaelic in a high school on the Isle of Islay in western Scotland. Jason has been teaching Gaelic through comprehensible input for five years, both in the classroom and online, and is currently teaching an intensive course through the University of Dundee.

Meditation and mindfulness is the foundation for Jason’s everyday life. Over the years, he deepened his practice on retreats at Samye Ling temple in Scotland and at Plum Village in France. Lately, he has trained as a meditation teacher under the guidance of Julian ‘Daizan’ Skinner, the first Englishman to become a Rinzai Zen master in Japan. Jason also became one of Daizan’s Zen students. This new direction is dedicated to helping others develop calm, stability, and focus – three invaluable qualities for any stage of the CI journey.

Ben Slavic

Ben Slavic is a phenomenal educator and a powerful force for change in language instruction.  He has been teaching students and teachers for 38 years.  Discovering the Comprehensible Input theories of Stephen Krashen and the practices of TPRS transformed his French teaching career.  Ben has dedicated himself to helping other educators transform their teaching lives as well, through in-person training and coaching, his online PLC for language teachers, and through his books, most recently The Big CI Book and A Natural Approach to Stories.  Ben has a deep well of knowledge, experience, and evidence in teaching languages with comprehensible input.  He also has a passion for supporting equity and success for ALL students.  His online PLC is at

Ci Liftoff

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